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I’ve opened up the doors to you, and answered some of your questions. There’s a collection of queries from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (go easy on the marriage proposals.. There were quite a few!) and here we are.

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What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome getting into the modelling world?
– @mattsch87, Instagram

The biggest obstacle in modelling for me (and I speak for so many others too!) would have to be obtaining and maintaining self confidence. In an industry where what you are – physically, not mentally – is what makes you money, it can be very tough. Knowing that you are enough for anything in life, let alone a job that requires you to look, act and perform a certain way, is only half the job. It’s a tough little place! Having the confidence to shoot lingerie in a room full of people you’ve never met, and pull poses you’ve never done (and generally fumble your clumsy way through everything) ain’t the walk in the park people make modelling out to be. You’ve got to learn to bluff, stand tall and literally ‘fake it till you make it’ – and by Lordy is it harder than it looks!

How cool is it to hang out with a V8 Supercar Driver?
– @brett_parsonage, Twitter

Well Brett, hanging out with a V8 driver can have it’s pros and cons. Pro’s? They’re pretty fun, they have a fair bit of spare time to do fun activities during their days off, they understand your lifestyle and what you might be going through, and they usually bring their partners – who are just as cool. Cons? Generally, most chat is about cars. Lots of cars. Fast cars. Their cars. Race cars. Someone else’s car. Everyone else’s car. ANY car. You get my point… Not the entire conversation, but on many occasions I may have been the only girl at a table of gents, and I can personally guarantee you, cars – and anything to do with them – is a hot topic. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no resentment, but after five zillion car conversations, I’m done talking about cars… Anyone for a cocktail?!


What do you like most about Fabian?
– @axalotyls, twitter

Fabian’s best trait is by far his support. I could literally do anything I wanted to, and he would be there 110%. With everything I do or want, or places I want to go or see, or any crazy business ventures I’m thinking of going for, and he is always there. And when my day is going pear shaped, (it’s going to get cheesy, lookout!) he is always up for a hug, and tell me it’s going to be alright. He’s like my knight in shining armour, just minus the horse and the armour, and replace it with a car and a onesie race suit. I mean, what’s not to love about a man in a onesie?

What’s your best beauty tip?
– @LaurenDayMakeup, Instagram

My best and most favourite beauty tip is facial moisture spray! Apart from the usual: drink more water, get more sleep, ect ect. With all the travel and time spent in airplanes, my skin is always dry and horrid for a few days after. I always drink a glass of water when I’m on board, and spray my face. My favourite is from The Body Shop, the Vitamin E Face Mist is a total love of mine, and I promise you’ll love it too. Never fails me! That, some lip balm and hand moisturiser, and I’m good to go!

What is it like being a Veve Dream Girl?
– Brianna Abdoo, Facebook

Simply, it’s amazing! The support that Vanessa from Veve Glamour Swimwear provides is endless, and she’s always trying to help you, no matter what you’re doing. Plus, when you do a campaign, the photos are fantastic and edgy, and nothing like a boring swimwear campaign. Plus, throw in a few free pairs of bikinis every year and I’ll never have a dull swimsuit again! There’s always a new style, a new design and another bikini you’ve ‘just got to have.’ Veve for me, was a breakthrough career move. I am super excited to be part of the family, and still have plenty more to give. I love my Veve family!


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