The Facial of all Facials!


So every woman loves being pampered. Anyone of them who tell you otherwise, is lying!

Recently I ventured into unchartered territory for some pampering after some holy recommendations from some of my most beautiful Melbourne friends. Toorak Beauty Lounge was apparently the place to be. Now, I’m no fool when it comes to beauty and Skincare. We all understand that the majority of the time, you get what you pay for. So with this in mind, as well as these sky-high recommendations, I knew I was onto something good.

I was greeted by Kat, the owner of the store, and we spent 20 minutes discussing her products, my skin and it’s behaviors and what results I was after. I’ll be honest and admit that I thought 2 minutes would be ample, and assumed this would have cut into my 20 minute facial, but to my surprise, she was uber carefree about the time it took for her to be up to speed with my needs and wants. After a full discussion with Kat, she assured me I would love me results. This woman was on a mission! And love, I did!

So after years of trying beauty products and day spas, I promise you ladies: Go no further than Toorak Beauty Lounge in Melbourne. I was absolutely astounded with my results and the education I received. Not just my skin was rejuvenated – after 2 hours of education, a microdermabraision with diamond wand infusion, extractions, skin peels, masks and full massage, it wasn’t just your ordinary facial. Plus! I was so relaxed, I fell asleep. Twice! It was truly an experience, not just an ordinary facial. I am truly impressed!

I was so impressed with my treatment I’ve even gone make-up free and posted for you my results. Apart from one little red pimple on my forehead, I’m smoother, less oily and much MUCH happier with my skin.

And I’m heading into the lounge again ASAP, I cannot wait!

You can find out more details about prices, location and contacting Kat on the website
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