The Secret Is Out : Hello 62!

As I’m currently in New Zealand with Fabian for his racing, I thought it might be a good idea to pop into some Auckland Modeling agencies and see if I could find some representation over here in New Zealand for when ever I return. And I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions I recieved! They seemed pretty happy too, when a few minutes later.. This happened!


My first stop was 62, and I instantly fell in love. The team were so welcoming and ever so complementry, and after seeing a few other agencies in Auckland, I could get past their professionalism and service. I instantly felt right at home, and although all four of the agencies were more than happy to represent me, I was most drawn to 62.

Andrea and the team were suburb. Always happy to see me and more than excited to have me on board – so cute! The agency has been operating in Auckland for more than 20 years and is New Zealand’s most successful, so I feel very lucky to be on board. A big thank you to Chadwick back in Melbourne for setting up all my appointments, and I can’t wait to return to NZ for a few more adventures.

If even half of what we discussed in today’s meeting comes true, I will be more than happy with my career and my choice. Sometimes, after all your hard work, dedication, time and patience, a small victory like this just tastes so much sweeter. This is the start of something big!

You can follow 62 Models on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and view their website. Otherwise, email for New Zealand bookings.



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