Model Essentials : It’s SALE time!

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Have you heard? It’s SALE time at Model Essentials!For many years, I was as blonde as blonde can be. And I loved it!

But after one too many blonde scalp bleach salon sessions, my hair started to dramatically snap off. I remember it clearly as I washed my hair, looking down at my toes and noticing the chunks of hair floating past. I was horrified!! And from there, my search for the perfect and most non-abrasive method of thickening my no-longer luscious locks, began.

So I began my investigation and have since, almost tried them all – wefts, wax, beads, tapes, fusion, rings, microlinks – the list goes on. So being the stubborn and determined woman that I am, decided to make my own hair piece label.

It started as a dream, and is now a reality. After many years of sketches, drawings, late nights, emails, tears and tantrums, I am the very proud owner of my own label, Model Essentials.

Model Essentials one piece clip-in hair pieces are 100% diamond grade human hair extensions. They are a single piece system, consisting of ergonomically designed wefts that are designed to sit along the bottom of the hair. The volumiser pieces are layered naturally, to truly disguise the look of tacky and fake hair extensions, that oh-so-many of us have witnessed before. There are ten colours to chose from, two lengths and three different styles. Plus, save just that little bit more cash i your pocket by getting a bundle pack with two or more pieces in one transaction. And ladies, let me tell you – they are simply Ah-May-Zing!

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And to add to all fuss and excitement of Mothers Day this weekend, I’ve decided to spread a little love and offer a 20% discount on all hair products on the website. All you have to do is type in the code : ‘happyhair’ at checkout and voila! Your new sexy ‘do will be posted to you shortly! But you’d better hurry along my sexy hair-loving¬†friends, as this sale won’t be on for long! Chop chop!

You can follow Model Essentials on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and visit / purchase these goodies on the website.Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.42.54 PM

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