The Main Mane : A New ‘Do

There is (almost) nothing more stressful to a woman than finding a reliable, trustworthy and talented hair dresser. It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries – where are all the worlds great hairdressers hiding?

Since moving to Melbourne just over a year ago, I’ve been lucky to find my new hair family not too far from home. It was love at first sight, and after a quick Saturday afternoon blow dry, we were destined to be together.

I’m talking in particular, about Blow Dry Bar in Port Melbourne. They’re located at 103A Bay Street, to be precise, and hold a number of ridiculous talented hair-transformers, as I now proudly announced them. These women, armed with colour knowledge, sharp scissors and a spare hair-dryer or two, will give you some bang for your buck. At only $40.00 for a wash and bouncy blow-wave, I’m hooked.

Today, I went and had my hair coloured. Typically, I don’t really colour my hair – maybe three times a year at best? And it is usually just a slight injection of foils and a potential tone. I’m not up for the whole: sit in the chair for five hours, give me the wrong colour, have the foils bleed Ito my hair – scenario. No thanks! So when I attended for a mere two and a half hours, I was happy. I had my magazines, iPad, coffee and a BYO banana. Happy days!

Here are some before pics:



Here’s my tip for a happy salon visit:
– Happy staff. Tick!
– Head massage. Tick!
– Trashy magazines I would never buy for myself, and specifically visit my hair dresser to read and talk about. Tiiiiiiick!
And here are some after:

And then I took a few ‘selfies’ of the finished product. Meow!

20140529-180629-65189880.jpg 20140529-180630-65190227.jpg20140529-180629-65189547.jpg

You can find Blow Dry Bar Port Melbourne at 103A Bay Street, Port Mebourne. Victoria.
You can visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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