RBT : A New Me!

I have always been relatively fit:

My Dad had us in the local swimming club every sunday as a wee little tacker.

I was a ballet and tap dancer – 15 years of experience and training, and a few scholarships and performance solo’s to boot.

I rode BMX for 5 years at state, national and world level, and could have gone professional, if I had been more dedicated. We can credit my teenage boyfriend as he distraction here.

I was in the local Volley Ball team that won the highest local grade, three years running. Our motto was ‘Let’s get it back’ and most of the time, we did.

I played local and state level touch football. Shin splints!

I played with a team of indoor and outdoor soccer for a few seasons, and scored a few goals. Striker was moi.

I run, I cycle and I work out.

I am one of the lucky ones. My body reacts quickly to exercise, has a great metabolism and generally does well at picking up sports. I like being out doors, I like being competitive and I like being the best I can be.

What I do not like, is putting on weight.

You see, it is kind of essential to be somewhat slim, as a model. My problem is, doing what I have already done, is now not enough. I used to be able to eat all the foods and drink all the wine I wanted, but my body is changing, and I am not enjoying it. I am putting on weight. Instead of cutting out a bit of chocolate and some sweets out of the diet, still the weight doesn’t shift. It might only be a slight bit bigger on this or that body part, but measurements are fact, and without the same measurements, I am simply out of a job. 



So a few weeks ago, I took matters in my own hands. I am quite self motivated and somewhat honest with myself to know what I needed to do and what needs changing. I put out some feelers on Facebook to see what people were loving, and why. A few people offered personal trainers as a one-on-one, but I can’t afford to spend a great deal in a huge hit, but did require someone to manage and encourage me in my work outs. So a cheap gym membership wasn’t the answer, nor spending my life savings on a trainer two days a week. I was after a holistic training facility that was motivating and enjoyable, that delivered what it promised. Whilst remembering the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ I signed up to Result Based Training.

I had seen the website and a few reviews, and figured the two week free trial wouldn’t be too bad. I didn’t have anything to lose (except a dress size) and signed up. 



The first week was absolute hell – in the best way possible. The first session was legs and glutes, and I actually couldn’t walk for properly four days. The next three days were abs, cardio and upper body strength – the idea is to train the whole body for the week and not leave any out. It worked, and after every session I was in a new world of pain. The kind of pain that spoke to you in volumes, and would reiterate how lazy and unfit you are, and now you are being punished for all the times you hadn’t been to the gym.

The biggest difference I noticed was myself mentally – not just physically. I was happy and excited to go to the gym. Maybe not so much at 6am, but still, I was always happy when I walked out, feeling like I had done a great job. I had signed up for the 6 on 1 semi-private personal training, with you and five others at a maximum in the group. This is definitely ideal for me, as I am time poor and need to be in, train hard, and out as fast as possible. The trainers push and encourage too, and considering my last trainer was more of a negatively geared kind of guy, this was a big plus. High fives, ‘you’re doing well,’ ‘only a few minutes left’ and ‘keep pushing,’ are all high on my list of trainer must-do’s. Don’t tell me how poor my squat / lunge / push-up performance is, just tell me how great I have already done and to keep going! 

Here is a general overview of a 30 minute class. Sorry about the low quality image, I was still shaking after class when I took it.  10300010_10152481444099414_2802924242381905786_n


I continued my commitment to on average four sessions a week, and I can honestly say I feel amazing! My body has changed, my metabolism is faster and my energy is high. What I have lost in body fat, I have gained in muscle. I still have a long way to go, and I am proud of what I have already achieved, but I just have to try harder and I will have my results. 

The plan is to have some before and after shots in the next month or two. I shall keep you posted with my embarrassing before images… 

RBT have gyms located in North Melbourne, South Melbourne, Hawthorne East in Victoria, and in the Gold Coast – Varsity Lakes in Queensland. In the next few months, Perth and Sydney will also be lucky enough to have an RBT Gym close by.

AND all my MAX MODELS get a 15% discount on memberships. Score!


You can visit RBT’s website and follow RBT on Facebook and Instagram.


  • How special are these moments ❤️ @fabiancoulthard #FabPack #CoulthardAndCo 
See my stories too and give me your thoughts. I’m over all the trolling 😡
Thank you @my.second.closet as always for dressing me 💕 #MySecondCloset
  • SWIMMING LESSONS! Oh my gosh we have been having SO much fun at @jumpswimschools ! These two little ‘ducklings’ have been enjoying the water since only two months old, but they are really starting to get their kicking legs going and dive under the water like little pro’s. Carter actually dives his head in - sooooo cute! Kenni also loves to drink the water 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 oh dear! Well, at least we have plenty to learn! 😂 It’s been so much fun learning in a smaller class and having Miss Olivia’s full attention. It is very cool to see how clever these two really are, being so young! #CoulthardAndCo #JumpSwimSchools
  • I couldn’t think of a better partnership than @BiozetAttack and @ToughMudderAus ... I mean, the entire day was filled with mud and dirt and the best way to remove it was just throwing it all in the wash with a cap full of the good stuff 😜 The warped wall was my favourite obstacle, along with the block ness monster 🙈. The hill? Not so much... but we made it! Crossing that finish line was the best feeling! I am only just losing the bruises from that day. So much fun! 
Take a look at my blog post about my day, just search ‘Biozet Attack’ on my blog. Link in bio. #BiozetAttackBrigade #CoulthardAndCo
  • I’ve often thought about posting or not posting this photo, but I’ve never been able to let this one go. It’s incredible, isn’t it - a woman’s body? I’m in such awe of my bodies capabilities to grow multiple humans at a time, and continue to feed and nurture for time after. I mean, wow. It IS actually crazy to imagine that I grew two humans in this body AND fed them to grow after also... #MindBlown I’m only human but this seems a little crazy to me! 
It was taken some time ago, as my breastfeeding journey lasted for three months. I’m not a hero in any other way other than my babies were fed - and that’s the best type of baby there is: A fed one. Regardless of how any other baby is/was fed, this was our journey and it pretty freaking cool actually. 
I’ve written a blog post too, with some info on our journey and of my favourite and most useful items too. If you’re thinking of or about to start breastfeeding, I suggest taking a look and giving me your feedback (just search ‘Breastfeeding’ in the search panel). What did you use and why? Was there anything else you’d suggest or what did or didn’t work for you? 
Also, while we are here, let’s #NormaliseBreastFeeding Women go through enough without having to feel uncomfortable about it. Supporting each other is the ONLY way we will ever make it a ‘normal’ practice in our society (how is it even a ‘thing’ anyway!). A special thanks to @babyandtoddlertown as they helped with all my choices. #CoulthardAndCo
  • Daddy’s Girl 💕 
@fabiancoulthard @mackenzie.coulthard #CoulthardAndCo
  • Honestly, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my life! These two LOVED bobbing around and being pampered yesterday at @mybabybubblespa - absolutely hilarious! Check my stories for more 😂😂 #CoulthardAndCo #babyspa
  • Tough Mudder was such a crazy experience I’ll never forget. I was lucky when @BiozetAttack asked me to come along and participate, but even more so when they offered for my friends to come a long too. Being only 6 months postpartum, I was (very obviously) nervous that my fitness levels weren’t up to scratch, and that I wouldn’t be good enough for my team, but I was actually (pleasantly) surprised by how little fitness was required as opposed to a simple attitude adjustment... well, kinda! I’ve been going to a private gym for four months, only twice a week, so I’m actually quite strong, but haven’t had much cardio other than one run since having the twins. I was nervous about not wanting to let my team down, but where they were great at some things, I was better at others - and that’s what the whole day was about, teamwork! It’s good to have friends, it’s even better to have great ones. Thanks @BiozetAttack for a brilliant day and to allow my friends to enjoy this mega milestone with me was even better. #BiozetAttackBrigade 
I’ve also written a blog post about my day, just search ‘Biozet Attack’ on my blog. Link in bio. 💥 #BeckyLamb
  • Even my TWINS are feeling the LOVE ❤️ LOVE PLATES from @personalisedplatesqld are back for good! From today, these are available, but first in, best dressed. Maybe we should look at getting Mackenzie ‘I ❤️ Kenni’ plates 😂😘 link is in bio, so check it out! #PPQPlates #ILovePlates #CoulthardAndCo
  • Teething is heeeeeere!!!! 😩🤪 We spent a good hour with our little guy last night as his two front teeth are about to come through. It’s so hard to watch your little person in so much pain and agony, just cry and cry 💔😢 I’ve been on the hunt for easy, convenient and natural teething helpers and these @bubsaustralia Rusks are a hit (and so was the box.. 🤦🏼‍♀️)! All organic and lactose free too. I was given this great advice by a friend, ‘food is the best babysitter!’ Ummm yep! It sure is. They’re a healthy and helpful distraction to keep those hands busy and that frustrating pain away, at the table, in the pram and on the road. Deeeeelish! #CoulthardAndCo #BubsPartner


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