Seven Days of Skin : No ‘Samantha’ Facial Peel!

Toorak Beauty Lounge – My absolute FAVOURITE place for beauty! Every time I leave, I feel so refreshed, relaxed, and excited for my new skin. I spend the next 4 weeks in anticipation and cannot wait for my next visits. I just love it!

After another monthly visit to Toorak Beauty Lounge, Kat wanted to show me some new tricks with her glorious magic. She certainly does have special powers and they definitely work. We had previously discussed using a dermal roller to help my skin rejuvenate, but instead we went with a facial peel. I have never had one before, but had quiet visions of myself walking out of the salon with a vague resemblance to Samantha from Sex and The City after she had one… One of the many nightmares women have when undergoing treatments we’ve never experienced before! And cue video:

Thankfully, it was not at all that bad. In fact, it was quite pleasant and my skin absolutely loved it! Instead of showing you the end results, I thought a little daily diary of images might be able to help you better understand the process. The treatment itself was so relaxing, I fell asleep. When the peel solution was placed on my face, there was a little tingle, but nothing itchy or painful. The hole treatment took just over an hour. Bliss!

Day One:

My skin LOVED the reaction from the treatments. It was soft and felt fresh, but not too abused either. It was just like a normal facial. I had had a few extractions (and tried some myself… oops!) and hens the redness. My skin was good, just not clear. There were a few white heads popping up on my forehead just after the treatment also, which was part in parcel of having the treatment.


Day Two:

I had the reoccurring white-heads that bug me, but they were very superficial and really only on the surface. There was nothing too deep about them so they were popped just after a shower, and released quite easily. Along with the Stem-Factor and my face wash, my skin was still very soft and supple.



Day Three (Morning):

The skin was feeling good, although I could feel it was on its last legs before the peel. It was still moist and soft, but I knew it was on its last legs. I had also found a big deep pimple just below my lip, which you can see I had already partly squeezed the day before – and I had tried to pop it that morning. As you can see, I caused it a lot of stress and it resulted in some bleeding – not ideal!


Day Three (night): The peel starts to happen! As you can see, my chin has started to peel and dry out. The skin underneath was still very soft, but the dead skin was easily removed with a few rubs of my fingers. This also happened around my nose and forehead, but not as severely. It was quite easy to remove, and didn’t at all hurt. The new skin was very fresh and soft, and simply glowed. It was beautiful!

20140616-182757-66477793.jpg 20140616-182758-66478819.jpg

Day Five:  After the peeling, my skin felt so soft and fresh, and literally glowed. I was so smooth and shiny, and make-up application was a breeze. My bigger forehead pimples had began to die off (finally!!) and I was on the home stretch! Hooray!


Day Seven: Clearing up! Thankfully! I dislike pimples just as much as the rest of us, but my skin was finally recovering. Even the one on my lip was disappearing and the forehead pimples had only a lone soldier left. He fought hard, but I beat him in the end


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