Travelling Gypsy : Hamilton Island

I love love love travelling!

Most recently for a holiday, our destination was Hamilton Island – Aaaahhhhmaaaaazing! We tagged our little adventure on to the end of our time in Townsville for the V8’s.  Firstly, we ventured down with our friends Jamie and Vince (whom we met in Japan!) and took the drive from Townsville to Airlie Beach.  On our way, we found the lookout at Mount Inkerman. And what a view we found!

And then we found a giant watermelon.. and some cows. Fabian decided they needed to eat some tomatoes – the cow was very gentle, but Fab was terrified of it nipping off his fingers! Vince and Jamie bought some local potatoes and we continued on to Airlie.


Airlie Beach is just devine. There is such a great vibe here – everyone is relaxed and here for a good time. And why wouldn’t they be – when there is a lagoon like this in the city central! Hellooooo sun baking!


And then I found the bar. Hello Sour Apple Vodka goodness!


We then fought the ferry over to Hamilton Island. It only took 30 minutes and we arrived to this: Pure Bliss! We booked our own private bungalow, complete with hammock. Selfie central. Fab proving that he can only concentrate on one thing at a time!


We like to get up and go when we are on holidays! We barely stop, as we know we don’t get much time off, or alone together. So we just HAD to do us much as possible! Our activities included riding the ATV’s (check out the view from the top of the mountain!), playing Mini-Golf (Fab won.. as usual), Go-Karting – where Fabian broke the record for the celebrity go-kart challenge and loved the early morning catamaran lessons. Not to mention the snorkelling, sun baking, jet skiing and enjoying the absolutely stunning views. It was simply amazing!


Hamilton Island even congratulated Fabian on his P1 title with a bottle to celebrate. Winner winner chicken dinner! And I was Go Kart 3. Not bad!


20140730-191429-69269598.jpg 20140730-191430-69270475.jpg

So we took it to enjoy ourselves when watching the sunset together. Ahh romance!


We ate (and drank) our way around the island with joy.


After three days, we were wanting more! We were not at all happy to leave. And who would be? Especially with a view like this!


You can find out more about Hamilton Island by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.



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