Jewellery : Why Keeping It Simple Always Wins

I am a woman whose loves jewellery – I mean, there are plenty of us out there! So I put my investigative shoes (stilettos, of course) and spotted these on a recent trip to Coco & Creme Living.

For every day and casual wear, it’s important to have a few staple pieces: a ring, a necklace and sweet pair of studs. But then the ever-lasting question always pops up – what colour? Rose Gold? Silver ? Yellow Gold?

Here’s the secret: mix it up! Find pieces that will complement your existing items that are already in your jewellery box and start from there. I was looking for some to match my white gold watch, but found that I didn’t want to just wear white gold all the time. So I discovered a few beauties mixed with my favourite – rose gold.

Take a look…


I found these at Coco & Creme on Bay Street, Port Melbourne. I absolutely LOVE this store – It just gets me.

The shorter necklace is by Najo, and is $59.00. Its sweet and perfect for an every-day addition to any item. It sits neatly high on the neckline. The chain is made from sterling silver and the bar is rose gold plated.


The longer necklace by Von Treskow is my favourite! The chain is 80cm long and made from sterling silver, and the ball is rose gold plated. The best part is the ball actually has a soft bell, so you can just hear the jingle as you walk. Keeps me happy! There is no clasp for this one, simply the bar hooks through the circle above the ball, so you never have to ruin your hair when putting it on. This piece was $290.00 and worth every penny.


Next, is the coin ring – an essential for every occasion! Made from sterling silver and rose gold plated on the coin, this ring hasn’t been taken off my hand since I bought it home. It retails at $160.00.


Last but not least, is earrings. These Von Treskow pairs are handmade and rose gold plated. At 8mm wide, they’re perfect for every day, dressing up and dressing down. If that doesn’t convince you, then I am sure the $58.00 Price tag will!


These are my every-day pieces and I just LOVE them. So simple and so classic.


So then of course, I just had to model them.

IMG_8250.JPG IMG_8249.JPGIMG_8251.JPGIMG_8247.JPGIMG_8248.JPGIMG_8241.JPGIMG_8242.JPGIMG_8244.JPGIMG_8238.JPG

You can find Coco & Creme Living at 59 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, follow their stylish posts on Instagram and Facebook !


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