Man Cave Makeover! : Bedroom – Part 1.

After my ‘Dreaming in Colours’ post, I was overwhelmed with the response to my real-life man cave experience, and how many others were left in the same position as I. The man-domination of the home-life habitat is taking over and Ladies, we need to put a stop to it!

When people blend their lives in any kind of relationship, naturally the person with the higher quality objects in their living spaces are kept. ‘So… who has the bigger tv?’ And needless to say, Fabian’s were much more expensive than mine, and he had a lot more than I did! I was more than happy to sell my couch, dryer, washing machine and a few other creature comforts too, but where we crossed over (and doubled up) on other things, such as beds, desks, and kitchen items – well, now we have double of all of those.

My house is a man cave. I live, breathe and listen / see / hear / everything racing. He won the battle for the desk, the couch, the tv, the décor (cars, cars and MORE CARS), the linen, the kitchen utensils – absolutely everything. Some days it drives me nuts, others I pretend it doesn’t exist. It is not at all a bad thing and I love celebrating and having reminders of his achievements, but lets face it – no one but MEN actually want to live in a MAN CAVE. NO ONE!

So my point of all this is, Fab may won the battle, but never will he win the war.

After seeing my post about their store, Coco & Crème were very interested in collaborating with me and my Man Cave, to better our living situation. And who better to give my house a make-over than these experts themselves? So after a some timeof deliberating and consulting, we have some results!

For the first part of this ever-growing series, we started in the main Bedroom. Here is some before.. a little bland and a bit too dark…



Its naturally man-a-fied. A few colours like the blue cushion and blanket, and also the cute zebra on the wall. I thought he did pretty well for a boy! But naturally, it needed some lady love.

And we turned it into this:


Not bad eh?

Bronte didn’t mind either!


Let me explain some of the details: We wanted to keep some of the essence of the room, as it was mostly on par as to where we wanted it to be. We like to keep it simple, but make it appealing to both of us. As this was originally his décor, I wanted to put some of my flair into it with a few extra items. So we did. Lets break it down:


We took away the plain white sheets and added some neutral ones. It took away the harsh white and gave the room some warmth. I took them home, washed them and put them on. The first night was different as they have a different texture, but I really enjoyed the different feeling! These are the Aura Home Queen Maison sheets in Neutral colour, valued at $329.00. Although Coco & Crème do not stock linen, they are more than happy to help you with all your linen needs and can special order these in for you. I highly recommend these ones!

Instead of adding a new bead spread cover, we simply turned over the original on its spotty side, and added a coloured throw for the end of the bed, for those colder winter nights. The Mint Chevron Throw is by Aura Home and is $179.00.


For the pillows and cushions, we matched the main pillows with the sheet covers, and turned the current covers over to the spotty covered side to match the bed spread cover. Then, we added (from left to right) the Aura Home Mint Dipped Cushion, Mint Chevron Cushion, Mint Triangles Cushion and the Mint Jumbo Stripe Cushion. These are all 50 x 50cm and are $49.95 – excluding the Chevron Cushion, at $69.95. We also decided to keep the larger dark blue cushion in the back, as it tied in nicely to the frames above.


Wall Hanging:

To keep the theme fresh and colourful, we found these beautiful frames by the Designer Boys – with both designs aptly names Blue Abstract III & V. The detail in these prints is spectacular, and really puts the room on show. It was the last piece I added to the room, and it made all the difference. There is always room for a strong wall piece and it can make or break a room. To hang these, I simply unscrewed the metal hang cord from the back of the frame, and added some Command Velcro strips to the backs. After leveling the frames, I left the sticky pieces on the wall for an hour, before hanging the frames. It is such a great way to hang pieces without any damage to walls. Perfect for those whom rent!



These geometric teal vases are my absolute favorite! They come in various colours and just add that little extra to the bedsides – especially when the sun hits them! This is such a simple addition to any room to give it a hint more of colour. It also ties in very well with the white décor and lamps already in place. These range from $39.95 to $69.95 and are available straight from the Coco & Crème floor. The Palm Beach candles in ‘Lilies & Leather’ and ‘Coconut & Elderflower’ are also available from Coco & Crème for $39.95.


I am in love with my new living space! By making simple changes to the pieces you already have, and adding small details and additions to any room, it can completely change and transform any room. I have loved working with the team at Coco & Crème, and I know you will too. The store is easy to find at 59 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, and has a wide and open floor plan. There are lots of little trinkets, and essential pieces – all from a vast mix of designers from both here and overseas. The staff are absolutely wonderful, and a little quirky too – just the way I like it! While you are there, ask Josh to show you his barista skills and grab one of his signature coffees. The best!

You certainly should follow Coco & Crème on Instagram and Facebook – perfect inspiration for the home!


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