Christmas Wishlist : One For The Boys

Every year, its the same story. Parents: ‘What would you like for Christmas?’
What will you buy your Boyfriend / Girlfriend?
What about your brother or sister – or cousin, aunty, uncle, grandparents or even Mum or Dad?
Cue stress!

Never fear, I have done some of the hard work for you. Today, its all about the boys. I like to consider myself a great present giver – having an older brother and a very hard-to-buy-for boyfriend I have had plenty of time to practice.

iTunes Gift Cards

These are great for anyone of any age. You can purchase them from $20.00 – $100.00 and the new scanning feature is much more fun than just punching in some numbers! These are located in every corner store – super easy to pick up incase you’ve forgotten at the very last minute!

Nike Free Runs

Who doesn’t have these? Make them a wardrobe staple! Great for couples that train together (apparently they stay together?) and you can both be matched-matchey. Cute! These start at $160.00 and you can have them delivered to your door straight from the Nike factory.


Apple iPad

You can buy a brand new iPad from $250.00 up to $829.00 – The difference in price ranges from the mini, to the retina display, and then to wifi and cellular. Something for everyone! Find yours on

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.18.10 pm
An Adventure

Have you got yourself an adreneline junky on your hands? Think about an adventure that he would love! Red Balloon have some great ideas. V8 Hot Laps (my fave) are a great choice, as well as trapeze, hot air balloon, cooking classes – you name it, they have it.

adventure-wallpaper2Personalised Items

This is a great one for those whom like to spend a little more on something a little extra special. You can have these imprinted with hot gold or silver stamps on any leather piece to really personalise your item. My favourite are the Mont Blanc wallets, with the personalised feature being the user’s initials. The Meisterstuck Wallet 6CC With Money Clip is my pick, and I have even bought Fabian one of these in the past. The money clip is a finer detail and unique to the wallet.



These are absolutely AMAZING for gift ideas! I am a huge fan of watches (being a Rolex wearer myself) I truly understand the meaning behind a watch. I was always told ‘You can judge a man by three things: his cologne, his suit and his watch.’ Solid advice. You can spend anything on a watch. Nixon have some great user friendly watches for the younger generations, or a little more classic with a Tag Heuer Carrera or for those looking to splurge can step it up with a Rolex. Be my guest!


Did someone say Persol? Raybans? Le Specs? Oakley have my favourite for the Frogskins. There are a zillion different styles and colours and are perfect for every occasion and age. For the lads, I like the Polarised Frogskins LX in Tortise Blue / Bronzed Polarised.

516346f13b236 Magazine Subscription

The gift that just keeps giving! These can start at $17.00 up to $485.00. Does the man you’re buying for enjoy fishing, cars, health, running, golfing, surfing, lifestyle, fashion, aircraft and even ladies. These are available from Friends, take your pick!

 Personal Hygiene

Man-scaping. Every man needs it, so why not help them along? Beard trimmers, electric tooth brushes, hair removal and hair re-growth solutions, nose trimmers (ew!), grooming kits – has it all! They also have over 80 stores Australia wide, so there is certainly one near you!



There is almost nothing better than a great smelling man. Myer have helped us all out and created us a list of bottles full of smelly goodness to spoil those whom might need some smelly lurve..  My favourite is by ‘Cool Water Man ETD’ by Davidoff. Yummo!


Like what you see? Let me know! I always love to hear your feedback! Comment away!


  • @BioOilAustralia has been there for me from the start - when I was a teenager and I acquired my first lot of stretch marks. And here we are again in full swing with these twinnies to help improve the appearance of those extra marks and make me feel like ‘me’ again. I just apply twice a day, morning and night, and it only takes two minutes, so I get more time with my little mate Carter. Those chubby cheeks get me every time! #BioOilTwiceDaily #Collab #BioOilPartnership
  • My beautiful girl, Kennie Rae 💕 
  • It’s fair to say it’s been a mighty big weekend here in the #CoulthardAndCo household... @biozetattack gave me such an incredible (and terrifying!) opportunity to come along on their #BiozetAttackBrigade campaign at @toughmudderaustralia .. oh my goodness!! SO many thoughts about this and surprisingly I didn’t suck (or die!) at it! As you can see, I’m fairly excited about my new laundry additions and I had a blast shooting this campaign in own laundry, which is where I spend most of my life these days.. haha!! Oh the irony. Anyway, I was impressed with the results from my laundry loads (not so much my Tough Mudder injuries - swipe right!) but my crew on the day made it SO much fun! So many more pictures to come this week... there was no escaping that mud! 
PS. Anyone know a great massage place on the coast?? I’m in desperate need over here.. So sore. 😂😜 PPS. Congratulations @fabiancoulthard !! SO proud of you. Winner winner 🍾🏆👌🏼 #FabPack
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on team blue, or team pink (well, maroon..), you’ll certainly want to be a part of Origin this year! PPQ are giving away a HUGE prize pack for you and FIVE of your friends to get along to the game and support your state, including 6 tickets to Game 3, flights, accom, transfers, jerseys, VIP seats, locker room tour AND you can meet Cam Smith too. Ahh take a breath! Take a look at my stories for extra details or head on over to @PersonalisedPlatesQLD for how to enter and more info. #CoulthardAndCo
  • My FIRST Mother’s Day 💝
How special is today? So magical 💫 
The meaning of this day has changed for me so much this year. Being a mother is so special and such a privilege. ‘WHAT DOES MOTHERHOOD MEAN TO YOU?’ It’s a question I asked in my stories yesterday and I had literally hundreds of replies from so many of you. Thank you for sharing with me your beautiful answers. How lucky am I to share this time with my family, as well as with all of you? If you didn’t already answer, what does it mean to you? I’ve written a BLOG post about it too, and included a little story and some beautiful images of my tribe too. So chuffed to have a day like today to celebrate with you this incredible life purpose and journey. Let’s hear it for our mums! 💝 #CoulthardAndCo
  • So from what feels like a lifetime ago, I used to model. Day in, day out, I would work out, go for a run, eat when ever I wanted (and what ever.. ahh metabolism!), have my make up and hair done, outfits given to me and I would pose from dawn until dusk and have beautiful and effortless photos flooding my inbox on the daily. So yes, a lifetime ago, this would have been a quick two-second snap at the end of my day.. not any more folks! This was done at about 10 at night, I had something on that day and left over make up. All the daily chores were done, kids in bed, dog fed and I thought, ‘I should probably get a photo for once.’ So, here you go, instagram. Here’s my ‘end of day’ EFFORTLESS photo for you. Haha, I am funny... I don’t think I did too bad, do you? 😂 *also, if you watch my stories you’d have noticed I had my brows microbladed last week. Thank you @mimsybeauty I’m in LOVE!! Get to see her girls, you won’t be disappointed 😘🖤 #BeckyLamb #CoulthardAndCo
  • Kennie knows how to make me smile! Now that I’m a Mum, I find my time being consumed more and more by this little cheeky grin and dressing her in the cutest outfits I can find.. but I still need ‘me time’ and I am always after those products that will get this bod looking and feeling its best. @BioOilAustralia gives me the control back and helps improve the appearance of my stretch marks in just two minutes a day. It lets me feel like me again with smooth and soft skin.  #BioOilTwiceDaily #Collab #BioOilPartnership
  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It’s actually just a little reindeer named Carter... I’ve given him a cuteness rating of 9.7/10 😂 This little guy is my happy baby, always giggling, looking around and keeping me on my toes. He’s a typical boy - easily distracted, needs constant stimulation and knows how to make his Mama’s heart melt..! Like this.. haha! He was born a little 4’10 and he was such a little fighter from the moment he arrived. Always being smaller than his sister, I think he has a point to prove. We love you little guy, - the biggest, sweetest, curious little character I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 💙 @cartercoulthard #coulthardandco
  • Mackenzie Rae Coulthard. Kennie. Kennie Ken Ken. Little Kennie Wennie. Grumpy Ken. (The last one is my favourite!). I wonder if she knows how loved she really is. Do any of us? Probably not. This little princess was sleeping through well before her brother, and she has only ever woken us up once (Her brother would wake us and we would just feed her at the same time). If you’ve ever wondered what the textbook baby looked like, here she is. Always patient, so observant and only cries when there is a genuine problem. I think she has experienced life before now, she’s been here before. If this was your first and only baby, you’d definitely be going back for more 😂 
I also love dressing her in girly outfits.. this bow is so cute too. Courtesy of @blondesinbows 💕
I’ve been thinking of writing letters to my children.. have you done this? What are your tips to doing so? Are there any sets I can buy to make it easier? 
Also thinking of posting photos of these two on their own accounts.. what do you think? #CoulthardAndCo


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