Meet The Queen : Brontelicious!


Have you met Bronte?

This dog, I must say, is nothing short of cute. She has SO much personality and attitude. She is the best at keeping secrets and is always up for a snuggle. She hates late nights or early mornings, and is not-at-all athletic. She snores, farts and does what she wants.

This is Bronte. This, is the Queen.

Bronte is a two-year-old French bulldog, who is packed full of attitude and sass.
As I dedicate this blog to my special little furry friend, I wanted to share with you some of our special moments captured. She has been and done more than the average pup!

I also bought a new camera last week and took these pics with her at home. She is super duper cute! Aww!











These are from my trusty iPhone. Bless!

‘Bacon, Mummy? Please?”IMG_8139.JPG

Selfies! IMG_5180.JPG

Michael Kors?IMG_5255.JPG

Private planes are the only way we get around…IMG_7808.JPG

Bronte has featured in the odd blog or two.IMG_7749.JPG

Selfies with The Queen! IMG_7780.JPG

The little pig who loves to snore…IMG_7643.JPG

She loves a good sleep in! Chicken Legs!IMG_6438.JPG

‘Have you got food over there, Mum?”IMG_7586.JPG

With her best friend Doug.IMG_7494.JPG

Staying warm in winter! IMG_6475.JPG

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