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Its always a lovely feeling to be given presents at Christmas and an even better feeling of giving them to those whom you cherish and adore. So why not kill two birds with one stone and purchase and gift yourself some goodies? Hello perfect solution!

It doesn’t matter how old or how young we are, we all love some table decor at christmas – and I have found some hidden gems for your table down at Coco & Creme Living that I am sure you and your family will love!

In The Kitchen

Looking for a new chopping board? Because I think you should be after seeing this. This marble and mango wood board ($49.99) by Coco & Creme Living is divine. You may have seen it featured in my Jewellery : Why Keeping It Simple Always Wins blog post not so long ago. I love it! With the chic contrasting of marble and wood, it is a unique piece in any kitchen. Sure, you could be practical and using it for a chopping board, or sophisticated and mod and use it as a cheese platter. Just beautiful.


In The House

First up is this amazing Ecoya candles. The scent of christmas could not be more apparent or deserved than that from a real christmas tree. When I grew up, I always had a real christmas tree in the lounge rooom for christmas and the smell always reminded me of Christmas time. So for those of you whom are missing one major element this christmas and are apartment dwellers and fake-tree owners like myself, I can guarantee you this will bring you plenty of joy. this Christmas. And hello rose gold – do I smell a winner? Whats not to love? The ‘Fresh Pine Needles’ candle for Christmas by Ecoya – its certainly a favourite!


House decorations – are there ever enough? These two stars are perfect for the modern home and the sophisticated Christmas Caroller. They come in small, medium and large, as well as silver and white, but here I have selected both colours and a small and medium size. The price of these two come to $39.00 from Coco & Creme Living, and are as cute as a button. I love the classic elements as well as not being too over-the-top with the santa appeal. Where Christmas meets class and style.


On The Table

Salad bowls and serving platters are quite the essential at Christmas – with all the family heading over to your house, bring food, serving food and keeping left-over food for the hangover on Boxing Day, there needs to be some staples on the table for the duration of the day. I love these salad servers too: super cute and versatile, and freshen up the modern white with the contrast of the classic wooded spoon. These three are from Mint Home, and the Salad Servers are from Coco & Creme Living:

Mint Salad bowl $44.99 – Mint home
Mint Shallow Bowl $44.99 – Mint home
White Sophia Platter $44.99 – Mint home
Salad servers with oak wood $29.99 – Coco & Creme Living


Also note the fruit in the bowls (and that the bowls double as fruit bowls!) – they’re both real and fake. If you’re anything like me and manage to kill all the fruit you purchase with good intentions but never seem to eat in time.. here is your answer. Fake fruit! A bowl of these babies last for ever and are so incredibly real-looking, you might not ever need to over-shop on your fruit again. Place a few apple and pear stickers on the fake ones (when you buy some real fruit.. on the off chance..) and no one will believe its fake. Trust me, I have tried!


Add a little Christmas fun with this bold Lily candle holder ($24.99) and Pillar candle ($17.95) – both Coco & Creme Living. Add a little flair to the table with these sharp lines and featured lighting. Creating atmosphere is half the fun at Christmas, and this one even has a roll cage – so Fabian clearly approves. I am a lover of all things black and white – timeless and can always be used – even when not at Christmas! Me likey!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So what so you think? Let me know in your comments! I love them myself. Note also the Mint Bowls also come in baby pink (I think I might own this one soon enough anyway…) I had fun creating this blog, and also enjoyed eating all the yummy snacks too. Merry Christmas everyone!

You can follow Coco & Crème on Instagram and Facebook – or visit them in store any time. I highly recommend it!

Coco & Creme Living have just launched their Website where you can find all of todays items!

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