Summer Locks : How To Keep Yours Smooth & Shiny!


Being an Aussie Girl, I love the beach, the sand, the salt and the sun, but there’s one thing I don’t like about summer – dry, brittle and broken hair!
I’ve collected a mix of my hair go-to’s that add the soft and silky elegance my my own do. There’s always something to be said about the girl with long and healthy locks!

The answer to all my prayers! I use this deep repair treatment masque to soften my ends, especially after seeing the hair dresser! It is super essential to continue to look after your ends just as it is your roots. De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque is a intensive and extremely nourishing treatment that infuses moisture from the internal structure of the hair and removes external dryness. Not only is this magic potion good for all hair types, it will restore strength, health and natural shine. Plus, it is also Vegan, Australian Owned AND smells delicious. Win win!


Absolutely the best thing since sliced bread. I always pop about a penny size of oil into the palm of my hands and work into the ends of the hair. It helps to seal the cuticle and prevents sun damage and split ends. If you have blonde hair, you can also use the ‘light’ version of this, as Moroccan Oil has been known to darken blondes from time to time!



Dry Shampoo is probably the best invention for oily roots / thin hair combos. It is absolutely perfect for adding volume AND dismissing that feeling of ‘I couldn’t be bothered washing my hair’ kinda guilt. We all do it and thats exactly why we all NEED it in our lives. My fave is the Batiste Dry Shampoo range – available from almost every store known to man. They also come in a variety of different fragrances / textures / cute coloured bottles. So take your pick!



This is perfect for summer for reconstructing the damage caused not only by the sun but by your heated tools: think hair straightener, curler, hair dryer ect. Ladies, you should all know by now that you should NOT be using ANY of these heated tools without the protection of a heat protector for your hair! The Kerastase formula is simple to use – leave a penny sized amount in your hair and smooth over in an instant, starting from the ends. It also acts like a leave in conditioner even if you’re not using heat to style, so don’t wash it out until you’re due for a wash.

Ciment Thermique

Of course, it is always highly recommended you head to a reputable salon to colour and help maintain healthy hair. I always go to Blow Dry Bar in Port Melbourne for my colours and blow waves, and I highly recommend you try them too!

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