What I Wore : V8 Supercars Gala Ball, 2014

IMG_9065.JPGTo introduce a new segment on BeckyLamb.com, I’ve gone all out.

What I Wore : V8 Supercars Gala Ball, 2014

The night is all about celebrating a year of intensities, emotions and the coming together of a community of people whom understand each other like none other. We have all had highs and we have all endured the lows, and yet here we all are – as competitors and as friends – celebrating the year that was. We have travelled all over, spent many hours in airports and on flights (I am up to 63 flights for the year!) and have worked all year for this moment – to dress to impress, to drink wine with our friends and to dance and take selfies with Jessica Mauboy. It all happened.

And some might even be interested in What I Wore.


This. Dress. Wow!
I am so madly in love with the dress I wore for Gala. This piece of art was made by Bernadette Pimento Couture and is called the ‘Ellisse Gown.’ After months of looking and wondering what I could possibly wear, I found Bernadette on High Street in Armidale and she was more than helpful and is much too kind!
The gown is hand crafted and made to perfection. Bernadette actually has this gown as her main display in her showroom and has been causing quite the stir!

You can contact Bernadette on her website or on Facebook, and follow her on instagram.



Amy Oram – better known as Teeki Designs – was the absolute star of the night! This headpiece was a talking point in its own right. Rose gold to match the dress, all hand made and taking over six hours to create. We can all see how talented Amy is!

Amy is also famous for being the creator of my headpieces in my blog post “Nick Dale : The Beauty Expert’ 

Giving Amy free reign to design and create something she thought would match the dress was one of my favourite parts of the journey. I can absolutely trust her with any design and any brief. She also designs for brides, fashion and for racing carnivals. I highly recommend you get in touch!

You can find Amy on her website, Facebook or Instagram.



My Hair was of course done by the one and only Lizzie Liros.
Lizzie is the only one I trust with my hair! She is the ultimate queen! I also give Lizzie free reign to do as she pleases, as she always knows best. And the best part? The waves actually stayed. I have no idea how she does it, but I can’t do anything like what she can. Lizzie just gave me a soft curl for the evening.

You can find Lizzie at her website, Facebook and Instagram.



Melissa Sassine is one of the most talented women in the universe. Not only is she immensely beautiful on the inside, she is also on the outside. Such an amazing woman!

The brief was simple – Do what ever you think is right! And that she did.

Keeping the tones neutral, a little splash of glimmer here and some pink lips there, add some lashes (two layers, actually!) and hey presto! Here we are. Also, just to top off her make up skills, these pics were taken EIGHT hours after the job was completed… and you’d never know!

Find Melissa on her website, Facebook and Instagram



Maria Elena has the most incredible collection of jewellery I have ever seen! Maria says her store was born from part passion and part obsession with jewellery.

‘I love seeing the reaction of the emotions that my jewellery brings to people. Making women happy makes me happy.’

Sounds good to me! Plus, she lives in Newcastle, and I am always happy to help my fellow Novocastrian’s!

To get in touch with Maria, you can use her website, Facebook and Instagram.




IMG_9048.JPGA big thank you to everyone who made this happen for me, I am truly grateful!

I am already looking forward to next year! Until then… x


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