Delivery! : Flowers For Jane

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(null)Hello beautiful! You sure are welcome at my house!


Lucky me, today I received a loveable bunch of flowers from

Flowers for Jane is an online Flower delivery service in Melbourne, and each day, they deliver a beautiful market fresh bunch of flowers to businesses and homes, within a 5km radius of Melbourne CBD. Each bunch of flowers cost $35 inclusive of GST and delivery (bargain) and even the delivery man, Tom, is a total gem.



Plus, they came with this DELISH Pana chocolate (is there such a thing as non-delish choc?) that is completely raw, organic and gluten free. Perfect timing for this who love beautiful AND delish things to look at and to eat. Yummmmmm.

FullSizeRenderIMG_0371And Bronte loves them too.. She has great taste!(null)I just thought I would share my love for the team. They’re super sweet, positive and driven, and think it’s perfect time to think about Valentine’s Day (hello boys!).(null)

You can find Flowers for Jane online and on instagram.

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