Valentines Wishlist : What The Ladies Are Lovin’!


Will you be my Valentine?

Everyone knows how hard it can be to buy presents for woman, especially on Valentines day. Theres so much hype and expectation for the perfect gift or date or planned out love event. Lord knows how many complaints I have received in my life from my boyfriend for buying me any presents.. So gents, for all those years that you were all wondering what to buy your lady, here are the answers. They’re short, sweet and on point. You’re welcome!


Look good, smell better. Its perfectly normal to be confused by what scent can be the most suitable for all individuals. Truth is, if it smells delicious, it’s probably worth a purchase. My love for Love Day would me Lady Million by Pacco Rabanne. Be sure to spray on the neck, chest and wrists. Devine.

absolute lady

Nikki Lissoni Jewellery

Although I have only recently been introduced, I am deeply in love. These pieces are completely individual and unique, and can be made to match for any occasion. There are over 200 individual coins – in three different sizes that you can interchange and even leave out of your piece. Perfect for individualisation and completely personalised. Plus, the rings and coins can be used on bracelets and necklaces – making them completely versatile! Gold, silver and rose gold – perfect for your lady friend!

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.23.41 pm

A Puppy

Need I say any more? Ensure you’re gifting a puppy to the right candidate, and whom will love and cherish the pup like the little cutie deserves. I highly recommend a Frenchie. Take note to ensure that the pup will be loved, looked after and will receive lots of cuddles and attention! Ensure you are buying the right pup for the right woman. A dog is a commitment!


Pilot Athletic

The best athletic wear for the chic woman whom knows how fashion and fitness cannot get enough of each other. Full to the brim of chic pieces and stylish sets, Pilot is my number 1 fitness destination. Get yours online.



Helloooooooo boys! Women love lingerie JUST AS MUCH as you do. So buy some, make her feel spesh and watch the magic happen. You can buy this little number from Marlies Deckers. They are known for their beautiful cuts and fashionable designs. To be worn under your garment but able to be seen from the outside.. meow.


GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand Set

Gents – look no further! Here is your winner! I am in love with these new hair miracles! Forget your plane-jane straightener, these are the new generation of style. The curl, they wave and they make everyone’s life just that little bit easier. Get that lucky lady in your life one of these curling irons and you’ll be loved for years to come. ghd-curve

Roses, Wine and a Date

If you asked to taker her somewhere romantic, exquisite and with just the two of you, she wouldn’t be saying no. Spoil her with your time, attention and some affection. Never underestimate the power of good conversation, a new and stimulating location and some romance. She will be melting with lovey-dovey-love all night long!

In ANY way, shape or form. Ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet. What ever!


Have you got some great Valentines gift ideas? Let me know in your comments.

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