All Black Everything : Black is Back

IMG_6453There are plenty of reasons why we wear black. Its slimming, its colloquial, its timeless.

I wear it because it makes me feel powerful and strong. Like an independent woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

For me, its a staple. Its an every day piece. Its the majority of my wardrobe. I love it. I have black denim, chiffon, leather, cotton and everything else under the sun.


I love these shots George took of me in Port Melbourne. He’s such a great human and a fabulous photographer. Not that I edit my photos very often, but these are not at all edited. Kudos, Georgie, and thanks for your help.

IMG_6443 IMG_6442.jpg IMG_6412IMG_6420IMG_6433IMG_6453

Images by George Ganio. You can find him on his Website, on Instagram and Facebook.

Sun Glasses | Dita

Pants, Top and Bralette | Kookai

Shoes | Tony Bianco


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