What I Wore : Brown & Brown Wedding

IMG_1288.JPGOn the weekend past, Fabian and I ventured across the ditch for the wedding of Bex Brown and Garreth Brown – the first wedding I’ve ever been to (or heard of) with two people with the same name.

The weather tested us (and my hair), the wind blew away my dignity and with all the rain and wet grass, my shoes are now ruined. Hooray! But I must say, it was most certainly the most incredibly beautiful wedding I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend.

I found this dress in Takapuna, at Lana Boutique, by Style Stalker. I loved it! Cute, chic and ready for a party. Fit for infinate occasions, it was love at first sight.

IMG_1298.JPGIMG_1309.JPGIMG_1311.JPGIMG_1283.JPG IMG_1318.JPG IMG_1308.JPG IMG_1279.JPG IMG_1286.JPGIMG_1288.JPG

 You can find Lana Boutique on Facebook and their website.


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