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Never trust a woman with bad eyebrows.  Its just standard practice of life, really! I mean, what advice could she give you, if her life is anything like her eyebrows?

As much as it is important to find the right beauty therapist / hair dresser / stylist, it is just as important to find the right brow manager. After all, eye brows are the frame of the face.

I wanted something spectacular for my face and I wanted my results to be outstanding. So naturally, I wanted the best. I have let my brows grow absolutely wild for the last three months for you and this post, especially. I took one for the team, ladies and gentlemen! I thought to myself – what is the big importance and fuss over the eyebrow game, and why is it such a big deal? I asked my favourite beauty brow expert Kat, from Toorak Beauty Lounge why it was so important to have great brows (and asked her to perform some magic on mine), and here are her words and our results:

Becky : ‘What makes for beautiful eyebrows?’

  Kat: ‘Eyebrows are the frame of the face and the eyes, so it emphasises the shape, the eye colour and the lashes. To have beautiful eyebrows, it greatly depends on the shape of the face and the shape of the brows, as everyone has a unique shape and different sizes and lengths of brow peaks. Its important to have a professional decide as to what will best suit you, rather than to guess and to over-pluck and ruin your brows. You certainly get what you pay for and should invest wisely in your appearance and brows! The first thing you see when you look at people is their eyes, so you ultimately want your ‘eye frame’ to be the best it possibly can be, to enhance your features.’

B: “Help! I’ve over-plucked my brows. How can I help them to grow back?’

K: ‘Massage and essential oils. When you lose the follicles in the brows (from either over-plucking or waxing), it is not like the rest of the body, and it doesn’t grow back as easily. This also slows as ageing and hormones come in to play, so it stops the re-growth. My recommendations to help restore the follicles is essential oils. Anything with nourishing ingredients and some well placed massaging can help. Not to say that it WILL help, but that it CAN. And don’t forget to find a brow specialist who will teach you when and where to pluck, to avoid catastrophe. You can also find some good brow pencils and kits that can help fill in those pesky patches to help with the look of a nice solid brow in the mean time.’

B: ‘Whats your favourite helpful hint to get your brows to behave?

K: BRUSH YOUR BROWS. Just like your part in your hair, you can train your brows to grow in a certain direction. It takes a week or two, but consistency is key.’

B: ‘How long in-between treatments should I wait for my next appointment?’

K: ‘Depending on the person, I would say 2-3 weeks, and no more than 4. You specialist can help you with this!’

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Toorak Beauty Lounge is located at 437 Toorak Road, Toorak, Victoria.

You can find out more details about prices and results by contacting Kat on their website.
You can also follow Toorak Beauty Lounge on Facebook and Instagram.IMG_3100 2

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