Winter Warmer : Turtle Neck


As winter approaches us here in Melbourne, its easy to stay inside and hope that one day it will be all be over. But that’s just not me.
I love luxe and I love winter, and for me they go hand in hand. Often you hear the common northerner complain about the weather and ‘how cold Melbourne is,’ when in all honesty, they should be simply complaining about they poor wardrobe choices. Down here, it is all about the quality of fabric and weaving detail into fashion. By purchasing quality garments and spending those few extra pennies on a few quality pieces means their purchases will do a much better job of not only being fashionable, but functional, too.

I love this turtle neck sweater from Skin And Threads. You can find it online here or find it in one of their stores. Its a divine mix of merino, class and functionality. Even on a day with only fifteen degrees of warmth, I can throw on a little vest over the shoulders and I will be warm and cosy without all the bulkiness of a big or heavy jacket. My kind of fashion functionality. Winter at its finest.

IMG_9823IMG_9821IMG_9806 IMG_9811 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9815 IMG_9816IMG_9827 IMG_9824

Sunglasses // Celine

Bag // Louis Vuitton

Boots // Tony Bianco


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