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Often for events, I am stuck for ideas on what to wear. This isn’t limited to just clothing, either – its the hair, the make up, the shoes, the jewellery and the dress. The whole she-bang, I guess you could say!
There’s more than just a dress that goes into the styling, too. The entire event, the caliber of attendees and the type of function will greatly determine what could be an accurate assumption of what to wear. What might be worn to the races, to a gala evening, a red carpet or a cocktail party might not be the same ‘little black dress’ or evening ball gown with sequins.. right?
So you’re invited to (what feels like) a zillion different events in a very short space of time and the budget clearly won’t stretch over all of these events for new dresses, jewellery and the rest, so there needs to be a solution. I want all the fanciest things and more, I just don’t want to pay the full (and quite often extreme) price for them.

Welcome to The Birdcage Stylist.

My absolute one-stop-shop of all things stylish and fabulous!
The Birdcage Stylist cater for the fashion savvy, who want to keep up with wearing “whats in”, without paying the giant price tag. Just as celebs have a personal stylist, The Birdcage Stylist wants to give the cost-savvy and independently social woman the pleasure of renting luxe dresses. And the bonus is, you can be completely styled if you wish or simply chose your own dress for yourself. The choice is yours!

I guess for me, owning a piece and being proud of myself that I own it and I bought it myself, has always motivated me to work harder and be rather picky in the things I purchase for myself. But now I figure, “why buy a dress I am only going to wear once” and it hangs without any love in the back of my closet for years to come.. With The Birdcage Stylist, I can simply jump online, shop for my next outfit, choose my next favourite dress, select my dates required for hire (you can rent for either four or seven days at a time), and then its delivered right before my next event, timed to perfection. Too easy! The next day, I just pop it in the post satchel (they’ve thought of everything and even supplied one for its return..) and off it goes. And forget the dry cleaning bill too – The Birdcage Stylist has it all sorted. Easy peasy, and up to $2000 saved by hiring and not buying. The cash is better in my pocket!

I have a few of my favourite dresses coming for you over the next week or two, so stay tuned. This one is borrowed from The Birdcage Stylist, and you can also borrow it yourself, here.

IMG_0200 IMG_0198 IMG_0201 IMG_0204 IMG_0213 IMG_0223 IMG_0231 IMG_0229 IMG_0207 IMG_0215

Loving this dress? You can find it here!
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