Wine Time : Margaret River

Many-a-time have I travelled, but not on so many occasions have I enjoyed a few days in solitude, such as these.
Wine and I have a great relationship – We are solid friends. We go way back and we respect each other. We have a level of understanding and an uncanny relationship of respect and love.
Fabian and I decided long ago to make the most of our weekend relationships and travelling journeys, and when the opportunity arose for a trip to the Margaret River, we took it with both hands.
We stayed at the Pullman in Bunker Bay, ate at Morrie’s for dinner in Margaret River and at Leeuwin Estate for lunch. Don’t forget to visit the Gabrielle’s chocolate factory (where they actually make the chocolate – as opposed to re-making it) and get out and about to enjoy the sunshine, like we did.
You might see the local Kangaroos in the backdrops also. They were a little timid but so was I! 


I wore:
Top // Saba
Pants // Kookai
Shoes // Tony Bianco

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3 thoughts on “Wine Time : Margaret River

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Yes, we love it here! We think it might make it a regular adventure after the Perth race every year. It’s so beautiful here!

  2. Awesome! Yeah, I try and get down there as often as I can. It is a beautiful part of the world. Hope the weather has been okay for you. The beaches down there are amazing during summer

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