Snuggle Buddies : Warmest Winter Yet


Now that Winter has come, I always have trouble between finding comfortable clothing that is functional, affordable and also comfortable – I am not that girl who can easily spend her days in heels, a tight dress, perfect make up and be uncomfortable. Give me track pants and a sloppy jumper at home, any day of the week. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite work for the trip to the shops or out for dinner with the boyfriend, or even a few sneaky wines with the girls.. No no no!

Lucky for me, (and you!) I was able to find the balance with this one. The comfort of the lazy fit and the warmth of the merino wool. Perfect! The Tangle Wrap from Skin And Threads is my absolute go-to, and can be dressed up or down, for what ever the occasion. It can also be worn upside down, for a shorter fit, although I like the length to wrap around my body as the evening gets colder. An absolute hidden gem!

IMG_9857 IMG_9856 IMG_9855 IMG_9854 IMG_9847 IMG_9846 IMG_9844 IMG_9839 IMG_9832 IMG_9831

Sunglasses // Celine

Bag // Louis Vuitton

Boots // Tony Bianco


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