It’s All About That Base : Foundation


Over my years of dancing and modelling, and just being a girl.. I have been very lucky to be able to learn from some of the best make-up artists in the country and pick up on some of their famous tricks and tips! And today, I am going to share them with you.

1. Know Your Skin.

Oily? Dry? Combination? When was the last time you had it checked? Have you made an appointment with a professional? And not just a beauty therapist, a female clinician or a dermatologist. The best advice is the right advice, so get it right the first time and save yourself hundreds down the track.

2. Not to Prime is a Crime!

As the infamous Napoleon Perdis said: “Primer helps to create a smooth and consistent base for your make up, and blocks all the nasties from entering your dermal layers. Primer is your best friend!!”

3. Learn Your Angles.

As vain as it might seem, spending a little time looking at your face in the mirror and in photos can drastically help with foundation and make up. Knowing your angles and face shape will help to apply your foundation with ease and precision.

4. Research Your Base.

Knowledge is killer, here. We unlimited access to online stores and information right at our fingertips. Let’s us it to our advantage and see what’s good and bad about our foundation, and how it applies to your skin and skin type. Don’t be shy, try some out too. Stay away from the bad chemicals and try to stay by the naturals. This will help you long term.

5. Set And Forget.

A good setting powder is one that’s hard to go without. When purchasing your next foundation bottle, ask the artist what setting powder might help your make up stay longer, or help reduce shine. Once you’ve set your foundation, it should stay alllllll day, baby.

Here are a few of my favourite foundations:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.00.00 pm

1. Giogio Armani – Iluminous Silk Foundation. 2. M.A.C. – Studio Fix Foundation. 3. NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. 4. M.A.C. – Face and Body Foundation. 5. Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

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