Dream Vacay: Sicily a la Sandra

Sicily, travel, RagusaThe many exotic travel uploads that crowd my newsfeeds on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have me going crazy on the regular. But this particular blog post stopped me in my tracks and had me falling in love!

I stumbled upon Sandra Semburg’s blog with scouring the internet for my favourite boots (see the post here) and was curious when I saw a pretty little photo labelled “A Vacation in Sicily.” Now Sicily isn’t the most exotic of mysterious of places, I’m sure the great majority of us have heard of it. But I found it curious as most people head to Italy for the great Roman attractions, the views of the Amalfi Coast, Fashion week in Milan, or romantic Venice. The way Sandra has captured Sicily and it’s charm will have you heading to the South if you ever find yourself in Italy.

“I returned yet again to Sicily, a place that is magical to me. From the cute streets in Taormina, the Bougainvilleas, the Baroque buildings in the South to the rough beauty of Catania. Of course I am also in food heaven here with endless options on Vegetarians dishes and desserts.” – Sandra Semburg

Here a few of my favourites of Sandra’s photo diary of her trip but there are plenty more! Have a look at her post for more: http://www.sandrasemburg.com/a-vacation-in-sicily/

Sicily, travel

Sicily, travel, Ragusa

Sicily, travel

Sicily, travel

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