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I have always been a huge believer in the words; ‘prevention is better than cure.’ These words are not lost on me with my skin.

Since moving to the Gold Coast from Melbourne in summer of 2016, my skin has had a mind of its own. Congestion, break outs and the change of humidity have very much confused me, and forced my confidence to concede. For someone who’s looks make me a living, this is far from ideal.

I was searching for months for a suitable location for my skin and to find the right location to be able to give my love the tender loving care that she requires. It was important to me to take my time and find the right fit for me. Ironically, I found Beauty on Latrobe via Instagram, conducted a whole bunch of research and proceeded to contact them without hesitation.

I look for the details: knowledge, reputation, care factor and presentation. All very important when scouting for skin treatments. After all, your face is what defines you! And here, I introduce you to Beauty on Latrobe in Paddington, Queensland.


A fresh, modern and beautiful salon to be welcomed into. Whats not to love? A warm smile, glass of water and a place to relax.


Although I have break outs and pimples, blackheads and large pores, apparently my skin is not in too bad of shape! A lack of quality beauty products has had congestion around my cheeks and chin, as well as hormonal imbalances and environment. Being at dusty race tracks and on airplanes certainly has taken its toll. Overall, Clare thinks in three months we should be where we want to be – clear skin and minimal scars. I cannot wait to get started!


Pre-treatment was done under a blue light LED to help kill acne bacteria and promote healing. We then continued with a peel called Mandelic and the treatment is called a Clear and Balance.

The machine Clare used was to prepare the skin and also to infuse post exfoliation is called Ultrasonophoresis. It’s essentially infusing and deep cleansing with ultra sound waves.

In deep cleansing, the sound waves bounce the cleanser into and straight back out of the opening of each pore, giving a deeper clean.

After my peel, Clare infused the skin with the same machine. We flip the hand piece over and the sound waves now help to massage and move the product one thousand times deeper into the skin than what she could massage with me hands. It sounds as though sonic waves are passing through your ears, but its not at all unpleasant. Infusions with this method deliver a faster result than doing it without.

After exfoliation, like a peel or microdermabrasion, is the perfect time to do this step as all the blocking dead cells have been removed and the skin is soft and receptive to the products.

During the post treatment response period skin is full of the vitamins and ingredients we infused, allowing the results to happen faster as the skin can draw on all those ingredients. Like an all you can eat salad buffet for the skin.


A good skincare routine is a must. Here are the products Clare has introduced me to Ultraceuticals, and to limit confusion, has added stickers to the bottles so I know the best times to use them. You’ll see this in the second sticker – genius! :


I look forward to my fortnightly treatments, as I am so self conscious about my skin. Clare has been an absolute angel with her non-stop information and on-going care. Having simple follow up texts shows that this is a salon that really cares about its people and clients. If you are looking for somewhere that ticks all the beauty boxes, I have saved you plenty of time and research. You can take my word for it.

If you would like to book your appointment at Beauty on Latrobe, you can get in touch via their website, instagram or Facebook.

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