Racing in Heels : Toyota 86

On Monday, I was asked to come along to the launch of the Toyota 86 series at Sydney Motorsport Park for the launch for the 2017 Series. There was about 40 guests – all from media and journalist form, and it was great to get an insight to the series, why its here in Australia and what it aims to become.


It is the second year as a series, and so far, so very good. It aims to provide drivers with a cost effective and competitive racing season, which often is the crux to continue racing after Karting.

Surprisingly, they actually trusted me to drive one… I have never actually driven on a track, let alone with a race car before, although I have watched more than enough Motorsport in my time. After my session, they gave me some feedback:


‘According to the driver instructors you were the best of the lot, which is no small feat considering some of the journos are doing this stuff weekly.’

😳😳 Righto! I’ll take it..

AND I’m not sure if you have seen yet, but it was all in heels. So yeah. I can pretty much do anything. (On Fiiiiiire!)

The helmet was on loan from Fabian. He raced with this as a one-off for Bathurst, and donated the signed helmet for Auction. He then bought the helmet at the auction, rubbed of the signature and it sits in a cupboard at home, just calling for me to have a racing career.. ha!

Seriously though, I had so much fun – Thank you Toyota for having me! I just need some sponsorship to go racing, any takers?

This photo was on the second to last corner, and I spotted that camera man from a mile away. #1

#T86RS #toyota86

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