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I have recently had the pleasure of stumbling across Booki Brow Co – a delightfully convenient brow company with a really unique product of Booki Brow Eye Brow Pallet. Even the packaging is cute, but also practical, with the collection having the ability to be so cute, you actually keep it.



  • Two brow pallets
  • Two application brushes, shapers and blenders
  • A Hand-written and wax stamped note (my favourite personal touch!)
  • A Booki Book end to complete your collection

What I love about this pallet is the complete look and feel, plus the actual quality of the shadows and brushes. I have been using these for quite some time and think they’re such a great asset to my┬ámake up kit. I often stick to the trusty and faithful MAC products, but have been pleasantly surprised in the entire look and feel of this set. Its truly one of those gifts you actually want to receive.

The handles are made of bamboo – a natural and renewable resource. And the brushes are synthetic, so you know they will outlast almost any other brush. The shadows have a really strong pigment too, so you’re not going to need much, and you can see the application straight away. There are two colours for the brow as well as a highlighter, so its as simple and convenient as it can get. I just love the quality and the feel it gives you once you apply – so luxe.

If you would like a Booki Brow Set of your own, you can purchase them here.


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