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Recently I posted on my social media about what essentials you had in our nursery. It was quite an extensive and insightful list to include for bub’s big arrival! So I thought it would only be kind enough to share with everyone how we decorated our nursery and with what items were of most important for our family.

So lets start from big to small:

Cot or Crib

We decided to go with he Boori Eton Convertible Plus Cot in White. It’s very practical in the fact that it is so convertible down the line! We can literally have these cots for years as they transform from a single cot, to a toddler bed and right up to a double bed for when the kiddies reach appropriate age. Since we bought the cots when we were unsure of the twins gender, we figured white would be the best choice for the life of the beds (It also comes in a mocha colour). You can see its conversion below, which I was truly impressed about. We figured also, that if they wanted to continue to sleep together in the same bed when they were younger, we could also use the bed as a couch and continue to have them co-sleep.

Image result for Boori Eton Convertible Plus Cot

Image result for Boori Eton Convertible Plus Cot

You can find the cot and bed combo here


Oh this is a very important one! I wanted something that was very easy to clean, supportive for bubs and was of quality (after all, they will be sleeping the majority of their younger years!). The Boori Airflow Reversa Mesh Mattress was an absolute must for numerous reasons, but the main being (and Fabian was quite excited about this one!); if there were any accidents, it had the ability to be taken outside and literally be hosed down..! Yep, thats right – SO easy! The beauty being that it was so light and made of low allergenic materials and could easily breathe and create air flow whilst bubs is sleeping. It is made of a mesh – so no springs or porous materials which means no nasties for the life of the mattress, and no bacteria either. How could we resist?

You can find the mattress here.

Dressing Table / Change Table

The nursery wouldn’t be complete without the matching Dressing Table / Change Table, so we went with the Boori Universal Six Drawer Dresser. The beauty of this one is it actually has a change table attachment on the top of the dresser, which can be removed when its no longer required. It comes completely made, so theres no flat-pack assembly required AND it has soft close drawers (essential to ensure it doesn’t wake bubs up when mum has no sleep and she’s on the war path..!). It comes with a 5 year warranty and also the mocha colour, which you can find here.

You can find the dresser here and the change table top here.

Nightlight / Diffuser

I was trying my hardest to be compact and smart with how we had set up our room. If there was a way I could kill two birds with one stone, I was going to find it! Solution? The Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light. For our baby shower, we were given essential oils galore and I was really keen to try and use them as much as possible. Simple things like associating a smell, a feeling or a song with sleep time really appealed to me. The Oricom Aroma Diffuser was a no brainer – being it was also a nightlight, as well as having so many features. 400mL water capacity meant that it would almost never run out (and has an auto-off feature when the water is too low). The mist is adjustable and cool, the light can work exclusively without or alongside one another. Easy!

You can find the nightlight / diffuser here.

Baby Monitor

Without a doubt, safety was paramount for our twines, so we couldn’t go past the Oricom Babysense2 + SC850 Monitor. Let’s get serious – it has all the gadgets, the safety and the ratings. We can watch babies from any room in the house and talk back to them if we need to. It plays lullabies and has an inferred camera for night vision too. Temperature display, a night light and you can add more cameras to the system if you’d like. The BEST part about this pack? The Babysense infant breathing movement monitor – a plate that your baby lies on and records their breathing. If there are fewer than 10 breaths in a minute or if baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds, the alarm sounds to alert the parents. You can literally rest assured that bubs are fine and enjoying a peaceful snooze.

You can find the Babysense Monitor Pack here.


We were given swaddles at the baby shower from Love To Dream – I have heard nothing but the BEST things about them! We have quite the collection going already. I love that they’re grey and we don’t have to worry too much about what is blue or pink for the moment. They come in lots of sizes and are great for the little ninja babies who wrestle out of their wraps. Its also the only swaddle available that allows bubs to sleep with their arms up, hence the SwaddleUP name. They also have a twin zipper so you can change nappies without going over babies head (handy!). The materials are nice and soft, so no scratching of the face either.

You can get your Love To Dream swaddles here.

Rocker / Bouncer

I can be fairly certain being a mother of twins will be both challenging and time consuming. I have been told many times that simple things like taking a shower or using the bathroom are almost luxuries. With that being said, I was after a bouncer that could do it all, and the 4Moms Mamaroo would be the absolute dream to have (and give me a break!). According to reviews, it is the wonder of all baby sitters. Yes please! It has five different motions of rocking bub to sleep:

  • Bluetooth connectivity with a speaker built in to soothe bubs
  • A fully adjustable recline
  • Overhead mobile that is removable and has alternate options

I didn’t want to take any chances with my daily shower routine, so this was an absolute must for me!

You can find the 4Moms Mamaroo here.

Cloth Nappies

I knew I was never going to have enough time to be able to have disposable nappies, however they still come in great use for so many other things! Baby spit-up, spills and mistakes can all be cleaned up with a few of these Big Softies Safe & Soft Cloth Nappies. They are true to their word and are really soft and gentle on the skin, and super absorbent. I’ve stored some in the car, the nursery, the baby bag and the nursery all ready to go. These cloth nappies are great for the bigger spills and can also be used as a blanket (or nappy!) when ever required too. So versatile!

You can find Big Softies Safe & Soft Cloth Nappies (12 Pack) here.

What did you have on your nursery essentials list that I don’t already have? There are so many great products on the market – feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below.

We purchased all of our items from Baby and Toddler Town in Robina, and saved with their  ‘Spend and Save’ deals. Their service was absolutely exceptional and helped this completely clueless to-be mum to be somewhat of an expert. They were so professional, honest and helpful, I cannot recommend highly enough! Plus, their deals are better than any I could find. It wasn’t a hard choice for me, and a complete one-stop shop. Head online or in store to Robina, QLD or Marsden Park, NSW and see for yourself!

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