Double Prams : What’s Best?

Searching for a Twin / Double Pram?

There are an abundance of options when selecting double prams – and they can be rather confusing! I spent months looking for my own perfect pram for the twins. It was a long and difficult search, being that I didn’t know what I needed until I needed it. But, if like me, YOU are looking for a double pram, I have compiled a neat list of you to take a look at so you can see what you might like and dislike when choosing your double pram. Firstly, lets ask a few questions to ensure we know exactly what you are after.

Question Time!

  • What will you be using your pram for – running around, comfort, exercise?
  • How big is your car and how much available space do you have?
  • Do you want a pram your baby will grow into?
  • Do you need your pram for just a single addition to your tribe, as you already have a smaller member?
  • Are you using a capsule system?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Do you need your pram to be quick to set up?
  • How much functionality do you require for the set up and use?

From my own personal use, I have discovered that using my own twin pram for everything has been wonderful for all except a tiny few things – and no double pram will cover everything in one go. If you have the budget and  know what you might be using the pram for, you may need to consider two prams.

Double and twin prams are divided into two categories: Side-by-side and tandem. Here, we investigate some of my favourites of each with varying inclusions and budgets to satisfy everyone.


The side-by-side pram is one that offers the user many options – forward or rear facing, no bias or favoured child and the ability to be flexible with options provided. But like anything, there are negatives. Can the side-by-side pram fit through this door? Can I access my children at the same time? How big will the basket space become? Will my kids be able to interact with each other? Don’t forget, there will be no hair pulling with the side-by-side pram, unlike the potential with the tandem. Ensure you always take your pram for a test drive to ensure it fits for you and your little ones.

Bugaboo Donkey2 – $2599.00

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is my absolute choice! It is stylish, functional and has all the accessories to boot. If you are after a pram that glides and almost requires no pushing, this is it. It has capsule functionality and it will grow with you and your little people too. It ranges from newborns until they outgrow it, meaning you won’t require another pram unless you require another function (such as jogging, however, I do run with mine on hard surfaces with no problems). The covers and frames are totally customisable and the new Donkey2 pram comes with rubber wheels, so no need to pump them up. The only downsides are small door frames and it is on the heavier side, but she still packs a solid ride!

Colour: Multi Brand: Bugaboo Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: Yes. Includes and converts Direction of Travel: Both Wheel Type: Foam Filled Seat Type: Side by side Number of Wheels: Four

You can see more of the Bugaboo Donkey Twin here.

Bumbleride Indie Twin – $1059.95

The Bumbleride is perfect for those wanting a little more adventure. This all-train stroller is perfect for all those times you are out and about and head a little off track. Into the outdoors and using a lot of walking time with your pram? Then this one is for you! It has up to 41kg capability, as well as a light aluminium frame and air pump tyres for all those bumps. The simplicity of being a one click fold up and down, makes this pram an absolute dream for those who want to get up and go. An affordable price point for those wanting to pack their days with action, however, the functionality is limited with only front facing seats. It comes with a handy larger side pocket too. Perfect for those extra items when you are out and about!

Colour: Grey Brand: Bumbleride Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: Optional Direction of Travel: Front only Wheel Type: Rubber Seat Type: Side by side Number of Wheels: Four

You can see more of the Bumbleride Indie Twin here.

Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo Tailor Made – $899.95

The Valco Baby Snap is great for mums on the go who like to ensure they have everything at the ready. This pram has it made for ultra kiddie comfort too – with each seat having the ability to receive exclusively from the other. It makes it perfect if one is sleepy and the other awake. It is fully functional with capsules and carriers, and is super light weight at a slim 9.8kg. There is a huge carry case at the bottom of the pram and both seats are able to be put forward and backward – depending on what mum (or dad) and baby prefer. The footrest is also adjustable too – making this pram uber convenient and hassle free. Plus, it comes at a handy price sub $1k. Super!

Colour: Grey Marle Brand: Valco Baby Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: No Direction of Travel: Both Wheel Type: Plastic Seat Type: Side by side Number of Wheels: Six

You can see more of the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo Tailor Made here.

Babylove Odyssey Twin Stroller – $239.95

This is a quick and efficient stroller for the mini people in your life. It is super lightweight, and folds up into an easily portable and compact stroller. Its perfect for those with minimal space wanting a cost effective and practical solution. It can house newborns and toddlers up to 17kg in either seat. It easily fits through a normal doorway – a huge plus for those who enjoy a hassle-free journey! The few downsides include the inability to use capsules and change the seat set up, but the price tag is an absolute steal, so its no surprise.

Colour: Beige Brand: Babylove Age Range: Birth to 17kg Infant Carrier Capability: No Bassinet Option: No Direction of Travel: Front Only Wheel Type: Plastic Seat Type: Side by side Number of Wheels: Twelve

You can see more of the Babylon Odyssey Twin Stroller here.


Some of the positives of Tandems prams or strollers are obvious – they can easily fit through doorways, they are friendly for all ages and have the ability to act much like a traditional single pram. However, there are negatives with every twin pram. There will always be a favoured baby, and you won’t always be able see both kids at the same time. And how many times have you stopped your twins from fighting or pulling the other’s hair whilst pramming? Uh Oh! Ensure you take your tandem pram for a test drive, as the length might become an issue whilst getting around, but otherwise I really like these tandem selections. Enjoy.

iCandy Orange Twin Stroller – $2639.75

The favourite of all tandem prams! The ICandy was a solid second choice for me, being its stylish in nature and very easy to move around. It comes in many colours and styles of fabrics (all customisable) and I like the ability to move and remove basinets / capsules / seats. A big basket for storage and a smaller wheel base makes turning a breeze. Plus, the skater-kids out there have been well accommodated with a 20kg skate board attachment available to the rear of the pram. It is perfect for growing families. This pram has over 30 unique configurations making it the most versatile on the double pram market.

Colour: Black Brand: iCandy Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: Yes. Includes and converts Direction of Travel: Both Wheel Type: Foam Filled Seat Type: Front and back, top to bottom Number of Wheels: Four

You can see more of the iCandy Orange Twin stroller here.

Babyhood Doppio Duo Pram – $1,099.95

This pram is the ultimate for those looking for a cost-effective and fashionable solution for twins or double the fun with young little ones. With capsule capability, the sky is the limit! A shorter wheel base means for a tidy turning circle and the seats are basinet convertible too – so you will only need to purchase the full pram as a set to have a fully functioning pram. Plus, the pram comes with seat liners, insect nets, bumper and handle bars and adjustable hoods for extra sun protection. What more could you want?

Colour: Black Brand: Doppio by GoodBaby Age Range: Birth and Toddler Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: Yes. Includes and converts Direction of Travel: Both Wheel Type: Foam Filled Seat Type: Top and bottom Number of Wheels: Four
You can see more of the Babyhood Doppio Duo Pram here.

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition With Second Seat- $979.69

The Steelcraft Strider Compact has released a stylish deluxe edition, complete with leather-look handles and a luxurious linen look fabric. It is easy to fold, comfortable for all the family to ride and to push and includes a 99% UV protection mesh sunshade (which would come in handy in Australia, let me tell you!). If you are after sophistication, style and a knockout price, this one is right where you need to be. The three-position recline is perfect for baby when they want to lie down, sit and toddlers to use. And just to top it off, they have included a padded head pillow for bubs convenience. So clever.

Colour: Multi Brand: Steelcraft Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: Yes Bassinet Option: Optional Direction of Travel: Both Wheel Type: Foam Filled Seat Type: Top an bottom Number of Wheels: Four

You can see more of the Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition (with second seat) here.

VeeBee Double Take Tandem – $329.95

This handy pram is loaded with features. The stadium style seating allows both babies to be seated outwards, as well as providing the front occupant with a footrest and drink tray. There is a peek-a-boo window in the rear of the pram, to enable the pusher to sneak a peek at bubs on the run. With a deep basket below, there is plenty of room for travel accessories and shopping. The rear seat also fully reclines, ideal for babies. The frame is a nice and lite aluminium frame and fits seamlessly into the boot of your car, and to top it off, the price is a steal. A perfect purchase!

Colour: Grey Brand: Silverado Age Range: Birth and beyond Infant Carrier Capability: No Bassinet Option: No Direction of Travel: Front Only Wheel Type: Plastic Seat Type: Tandem Number of Wheels: Six

You can see more of the VeeBee Double Take Tandem here.
So there you have my selection of double and twin prams. What do you like about your double pram? Did you find it hard to select your pram? Let me know in the comments below.
 You can also see a wide range of double strollers and prams on Baby and Toddler Town’s website.

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