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When you enter into Clean Beauty Market in Miami on the Gold Coast, something exciting completely comes over you. There must have been something in the air because upon entering, it was hard for me to leave. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was, but I fell in instant love.. And didn’t leave for a further two hours. I was already apologising to my future self and my savings account in one of those #SorryNotSorry moments. My skin is thanking me at least.

Could it be for my love of beauty products? I mean, I could never have enough, could I? There was an abundance in ever way I turned of delicious, creamy, luscious and luxe products at my finger tips. Just as I was becoming unsure of which way to turn first, I was greeted by the store owner Erin. She clearly had the same enthusiasm as I did for everything beauty, but a wealth more knowledge for my take home. It was a match made in beauty heaven. I was hooked.

I was offered a lavender water, which I was skeptical of drinking at first, but glad I opted for the taste. It’s a perfect drink for a girl like me – the ones who feel guilty drinking anything other than water or champagne (yaaaassss girl). Healthy, great for your body and even better for your mind and those afternoon cravings. Probably would go well with a Vodka too, because #balance.

Was it the vibe that I was loving? Possibly. Probably! It was like a fresher, healthier version of a larger chain store that belonged to your best friend who was so eager to show you all the exciting new arrivals. Erin was so excited to share her knowledge and passion with me. It was contagious. She wasn’t preaching to a choir, but sharing her thoughts and visions, and I was enlightened and immediately taken with her ideas. I was now officially on this clean beauty journey with her. She was a pure delight to watch, floating around her store with an air of delight and excitement to show me everything that was fabulous and required in my bathroom cupboard. Yeah, sold.

Perhaps I was taken with the landscape. From the welcoming aura and the welcoming smile, I wasn’t once feeling out of place or like a bother. The layout and the presentation is clinical but classic. It is next level in clean, but I refer to the traditional we way – it was spotless. Not a product was out of place, but I didn’t feel as if they weren’t to be touched and played with. But this was nothing compared to these products.

I will share with you my favourite products at the end of this post, because my haul was epic and its worthy of its own celebration! I also wanted to share with you about my love and passion for clean beauty. If you aren’t on this train yet, I URGE you to please head into store and chat to the team, or shoot Erin an email so you can catch this bug. Its addictive because its an absolute pleasure!

After my haul, I was so excited to tell you all how amazing my experience was. So of course, I interview Erin for



Interview with Erin Norden – Owner of Clean Beauty Market


B: Why did you decide to open Clean Beauty Market? 

E: I decided to open the store because I am a total beauty junkie but got sick of the lack of amazing options when it came to non-toxic beauty shopping and wasn’t a fan of shopping for makeup at the health food store. I decided to source brands that meet all my criteria – clean/non-toxic, high performing & pretty enough to satisfy the beauty obsessed! We should not have to compromise on any of those things and all the brands in the store reflect this completely. We have about 50 leading clean beauty lines in our store & growing – makeup, skincare, body products, haircare, perfume and inner wellness products.

B: What is the difference between any beauty products, and ‘clean’ beauty products?

E: Clean beauty products are safe to use. That is, they do not contain harmful ingredients that are going to wreak havoc on your skin and your health. So that means no harmful chemicals. Clean products are usually made by ethical companies (which all of our brands are), they are all cruelty free and there are plenty of vegan options.

B: How can I know what products are clean? 

E: It’s always good to arm yourself with some knowledge when it comes it ingredients. This also goes for what you are looking to avoid. You can download the ‘Think Dirty’ App. Of course, if you are shopping with us we have done the work for you. We love providing education and information to people when it comes to cleaner options & ingredients and are happy to assist with any questions if we can.

B: What are your three favourite products you are LOVING right now? 


The Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss – such a beautiful luxe non-sticky texture!

The January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic – this contains lactic acid and gently exfoliates without being too harsh.

The Beauty Chef Collagen Liquid Beauty Booster – The Beauty Chef inner wellness products are all probiotic based. I firmly believe in beauty from the inside out!


My Haul:



My Favourite Products:

Honestly, it was so hard to simply pick three! Special mention goes to the The Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss mentioned by Erin (its soooooo good!).

The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder – I have noticed such an immediate difference from this, and so have my friends. I put this on my instagram stories and received SO many replies from you – its popular!!

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF30 – Honestly I wish I bought the bigger bottle. It is the perfect day moisturiser as well as giving you a soft glow for a fresh start to your day. So lovely.

Hush & Dotti Licquid Eyeliner – Ensure you have a stable hand because this is not smudging if you get it wrong! It lasts ALL DAY and has a super fine tip.


If you are obsessed as I am, you can find Clean Beauty Market at their flagship store :

Clean Beauty Market
1/32 Lavarack Road
Mermaid Beach (Nobby Beach) QLD 4218

Ph 07 5627 1063 (For a personalised beauty consult for those of you who are out of town!).

You can follow Clean Beauty Market on Instagram and Facebook.

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