Endometriosis : Emily’s Story

In light of Endometriosis awareness week in Australia and also sharing part of my story in a recent blog post, I have been approached by so many women (and men too!) about their own personal Endometriosis stories. Emily is one…

Stefan Sale : XMAS In July

Lord knows, we all love a sale. And sometimes, they seem too good to be true – but not this one! Don’t worry, Stefan ave you covered. Stefan Hair is the biggest and longest running hair chain in Australia, proudly…

Pregnancy : My Journey

Foremost, I wanted to write this blog quite a few weeks ago when Fabian and I announced that I was pregnanwith twins at (that stage) I was 16 weeks. Since then, we have had literally thousands of messages, texts, tweets,…

Australian Model, TV Presenter and Ambassador. Living in the Gold Coast, Australia. Mother of boy / girl twins, Carter and Mackenzie, born in October 2017. Partner of Supercars Driver, Fabian Coulthard. Horse rider, motorsports lover and French Bulldog x two owner.


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  • Its the only way I can get her to love
  • Why do Dyson products make me this happy? Once you
  • Girl gang YTG
  • If you havent been watching my YouTube channel you might
  • To everyone that says I cant curl with heat tongs
  • Hello friend How are you? Is it obvious I have
  • My Dyson V11 does many things although I am yet
  • This is the face of a woman who is well


A fundamentally positive approach is to take account of the oneness of humanity. Dividing the world into 'us' and 'them' might have worked in the past, but it doesn't any more. We have to talk through our problems with our opponents, thinking of them as our fellow human beings. Retweeted by Becky Lamb

Probably my favourite tweet today! 😂 LEGO hurts SO BAD twitter.com/_bencornett_/s…

Fabian Coulthard - ultimate wing man! #Bathurst1000 Retweeted by Becky Lamb

Confusion overload. 'Inexcuable' exactly, Tim. #VASC


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