A new beginning…

Thank you, my loves. Thank you for always staying with me.

Just as I begin to feel a little less tied-down, and a little more freedom with my time.. it all came crashing down once again! And I know, I know, it seems a little dramatic to be talking this way about a little website though, doesn’t it?

But you see, that’s where I thought it was a simple fix – one that would be easy, take me a few hours and just navigate my way through it all.
Alas, I was wrong. I was very, very wrong!

You see, with two young children and a house to run, assignments to do and a website, social media and businesses to run, I felt like I was getting on top of this everyday-life stuff. I had a grip on most things, like I was able to get things done easily enough and quickly enough, that I could breeze through them. But the more I delved into my website, the more in trouble I was in.

I didn’t realise the years and years of work had been stripped from me, unaware that it had even happened until all at once. It made me realise how quickly all of this could be taken from me, and without any notice.

I couldn’t save my work. I had lost everything. For the last 10 years, I had nothing to show. Absolutely nothing.

For an entrepreneur / boss lady / workaholic / self-made person, this was a hard pill to swallow. The ONE platform that was mine – all mine and only mine – was now gone. All those years, all those hours, all that work. Gone. In an instant. What a waste?

Absolutely not!
This is what life is all about – new beginnings!

(this is me, trying my positivity hat on here..)

What might be a loss, it was also an opportunity. To rebrand, recreate and redraw my path moving forward.

I feel free from those long lost blog posts I wrote when I was 20 years old. I can show you my growth, my inspiration and my passions in a new and exciting and FRESH way.
You also can’t google those peroxide hair days as easily now.. And yes, I can hear your sigh of relief!

So just remember the next time you lose something that meant so much and you poured so much life into, that it doesn’t define you. That moment in time, that project you worked on, that product you made – none of it defines you.

What defines you is what you do after that. THAT is what defines you.

‘You can judge a man by who he is when he has nothing – not when he has everything’

Welcome to a new era, my loves.

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