Hi, I’m Becky, and it’s super nice to have you here.

While you are here, you should get to know me a little better, and see what I am all about…

I am a woman with drive, self-belief and passion. I am very proud of the woman I have become.

You might have heard of me a while ago, whilst I was competing in BMX competitions, or winning classical Ballet scholarships. Or possibly when I was a full-time model and juggling a construction management degree, and a fire-fighting career. Perhaps we crossed paths on social media or saw some of my TV presenting work. There are also a few of you who found me through my love of horse riding too! But whatever the case, and where ever our paths crossed, I am so glad they did!

You see, it is easy to be forgettable in this day and age, but I have never been one to take the easy way out. I’m not trying to be unforgettable.. I am just being myself.

My job isn’t like a typical job. I juggle my toddler twins, Carter and Mackenzie, support my phenomenally talented athlete fiancé Fabian, I’m (still) finishing off that Bachelor of Construction Management degree, I manage a modelling and social media agency MAX Models and still somehow (most of the time) manage to have a YouTube channel and a few other social media commitments, too. Occasionally, people ask me to speak on their inspirational or career panels, or present their multi-million dollar properties, fashion shows, business functions or motorsport events. Often, with live audiences, which I enjoy most.

I also enjoy adventure. So much so, I was selected onto international travel TV show, Adventure All Stars. I will be thrust into six days of adventure and travel, all in the good name of charity – RIZE UP. Filming starts in August 2021 and played on Seven in the following months. You can read all about it here

Possibly the most surprising of all, would be my love for investing. Next time we cross paths, chat to me about money, property, superannuation, interest rates, banking, credit cards, saving money, home designs, renovations and developments. You will certainly have my attention!

Most of all, I have learnt where I feel most comfortable in my life – being uncomfortable. By putting myself out there and pushing those limits, I find it the most liberating, refreshing and above all else, empowering in my life. I am most myself whilst at home, with a wine in hand, watching the sun set over those gorgeous Gold Coast mountains, contemplating wether or not life gets much better than this…

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