Yep, you read that right! #FkTheGunk

If you want to hear the whole story on how this came about, watch this:


Thats right, I bought a business! Say please, hello to my new business:


She’s gorgeous and powerful, yet soft and gentle. She’s a make up remover and cleansing balm in one, and you NEED her in your life, right now! Seriously!

I was sent this originally as a PR package and after using, I was obsessed. Instantly, I could see the potential of this brand and product and wanted IN. I NEEDED IN. GunkOff Face was too good to walk away from at any point. I had never come across a brand I had immediately loved as instantly as much as this.

I use GunkOff after a long day, and take a small amount of product out of the tub and rub between my fingers until the product melts into an oily butter. Then, I rub onto my face and eyes, gently over my tougher to remove make up and eyelashes. Once all the mascara is melted, I rinse my face under the shower, or remove with a wet muslin cloth (you get one of these when you purchase!) and then cleanse with my favourite cleanser after this.

If you have sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, and are wanting to remove the GUNK OFF your face (such as sunscreen and make up)… THIS IS FOR YOU.

I can’t wait for you to try!

You can find your own GunkOff Skincare here. Thank you for your support.



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